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I'm Back!

Back in June, we had a house fire (everyone: cats,dogs and people are fine). Still not fully moved back in yet but getting close. It was decided way not get a new PC it's a little under recommended spec's for BF1, but runs fine. I did get both BF1 and BF4 and as well as a headset. So if you see Shadow4045 that is me in TS and in game. I'm a little rusty being back on the pc after being on a console for so long.
[Image: Shadow4045.png]
[Image: Shadow4045.png]

Welcome Back, sorry to hear about the fire, glad everyone is fine.
[Image: Zebra1.png]

We had a house fire when I was in school...only good thing was all new stuff. \o/ . Welcome back man!

Yeah that and to get the house clean of all the clotter
[Image: Shadow4045.png]
[Image: Shadow4045.png]

Sorry to hear about the fire man, that must have been rough on you all. Glad everyone was ok though! Welcome back to the site!
<CENTER>[Image: ElliottC666.png]

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